The process in which Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC works with a new client is very easy and logical.  The initial meeting is comprised of a questionnaire to let the new client know about the type of work that can be done and also to let Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC know how the client feels about the work and if there is anything that can be done together.  If the answers to the questionnaire show that there is work that can be done together, Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC will schedule a 2nd meeting letting the new client know what information and paperwork to bring.  The second meeting will be focused on gathering the necessary information to organize the new client's current insurance and financial situation and to be able to test their current strategy to other strategies, based upon economic facts, rather than other peoples' opinions or chance.  If the new client likes the ideas and strategies and agrees it would be in their best interest to implement them, Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC will do what needs to be done to see to it that the strategy gets implemented and any questions the client has throughout the process are answered.