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Matthew A. Wood is the President of Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC. Matthew is a licensed Insurance and Financial professional that fully understands his client’s needs and wants and can therefore provide solutions with access to many highly rated companies. 

Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC has had extensive experience in navigating clients through asset protection, asset accumulation, asset distribution (retirement), asset preservation (from the potential high costs of in home, nursing home and assisted living care), saving for the increasing costs of higher education and finally tax favorable asset transfer to named beneficiaries. 

Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC believes in educating clients to have a better understanding of what types of insurance and financial products they own and how they will work together to achieve Financial Success. Matthew attended the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse where he earned a B.S. in 1999. 

Matthew had worked in the insurance and financial industry as an agent representing several different highly rated insurance and financial companies before organizing Matthew A. Wood Agency, LLC.  This experience allows him to truly know how insurance and financial companies operate in today's marketplace and how working solely for any one company can limit the agent's ability to be flexible to the needs of each unique client situation.     

Matthew grew up participating in sports and athletics and continues to be involved with strength training and cardiovascular exercise in his free time. He enjoys downhill skiing in the winter months and fishing when the ice is off the lakes.